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The latest Batman & Justice League rumors

The latest rumors come from a source with a pretty good track record. Go to Batman on Film if you want all the details and Jett's thoughts. In short, the rumor is that Christian Bale will return as Batman to be alongside at least Superman, if not the Justice League. And Christopher Nolan will produce, Zack Snyder will direct, and David Goyer will write it. It all seems a bit unclear right now and obviously, it's not confirmed by Warner Brothers or anyone mentioned above.

If these rumor turn out to be true I'll be very conflicted. I love The Dark Knight Rises and the entire Dark Knight Trilogy. I love that it is a "realistic" Batman universe and that Rises ended it in the way it did. So I'm confused as to why anyone would want to mess with that. Well, as the guys at Modern Myth Media pointed out in their podcast, I can see why they want to do this from a financial perspective. It lends a ton of credibility to have Nolan and Bale attached to a project that will have Batman in it. But I just don't see how you have them attached without screwing with The Dark Knight Trilogy too much.

But a small part of me is kind of intrigued. I have a lot of trust in Nolan, Goyer and Bale, and some in Snyder. Nolan doesn't seem like the type who would risk screwing with his films just for the sake of getting paid what would probably be a ton of money. I've read that he didn't get notes from the studio for The Dark Knight Trilogy. He had so much clout that they let him do what he wanted. And it would seem to me that you don't demand complete control unless you place a high value on your creative freedom.

Maybe Nolan and Goyer have some ideas, some way to not screw up the awesomeness that is Rises and the trilogy. I don't see it, at least right now. But then again, I'm not getting paid to come up with ideas. They are and they have a great track record. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see as much as Batman on film as possible. That doesn't mean I want a repeat of the Schumaker films. I'd take no Batman over that. But I love the character so much that I guess it's possible that even if they screwed with the trilogy it could be worth it. Who knows? I wish we had more answers. We're stuck waiting and seeing for now.

Update: It sounds like the rumors are that it won't be a Justice League movie, but rather just a Batman and Superman movie. I like this better than the Justice League route. It seems like it would be easier to pull off, especially if they are using the Dark Knight universe. And really, those are the two we are paying to see anyway. So I'm more optimistic if this is the route they go.