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Greatest QBs of all time

Inspired by this post at Football Perspective: Wanted to post it here because for some reason I can't submit a comment on the site. I'll probably go into more detail on each one in a bit. But I posted some of my overall thought process below.

1. Dan Marino
2. Peyton Manning
3. Brett Favre
4. Fran Tarkenton
5. Johnny Unitas
6. Steve Young
7. Joe Montana
8. Tom Brady
9. Dan Fouts
10. Ken Anderson
11. Roger Staubach
12. Sid Luckman
13. Sammy Baugh
14. Len Dawson
15. Aaron Rodgers
16. Sonny Jurgensen
17. Norm Van Brocklin
18. Otto Graham
19. YA Tittle
20. John Elway
21. Drew Brees
22. Joe Namath
23. Boomer Esiason
24. Kurt Warner
25. Terry Bradshaw

My baseline was Chase's posts ranking QBs. Quantifiable production is very important (though not something like wins or rings, obviously). And since I'm not terribly old I have to trust era adjustments for the QBs I never got to see. From there I moved guys up and down based on my knowledge of who they played with and what system they played in. For instance, I dock Montana and Young a bit for getting to play in an innovative offense and a lot of talent around them. In relation to that, as kind of a way to split hairs, I like to do a thought experiment where I take X QB and place him on an average or even a bad offense (system and talent). How would X QB play? Marino is #1 because along with his production, I think you could put him in any offense and he'd produce. He's just slightly above Manning because I think he's physically more able to produce in any offense, and he played with what I think is less talent than Manning. My big outlier is Aaron Rodgers. He doesn't have the overall production yet. But with his overall skill set I think he could play anywhere at anytime.