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Duke vs Carolina part 3

In the rematch at Carolina it was the Tarheels who couldn't miss. In the rematch of the rematch it was Duke that couldn't miss. Singler finally hit a 3, but is still shooting horribly from 3. Nolan didn't shoot a high % but played really well. The rest of the team was absolutely on fire. They all shot, rebounded, and defended really well. And Carolina couldn't get out in transition or play efficiently in the half court.

This outcome ensured Duke a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney. Carolina got a 2 seed. Both are dangerous teams that I wouldn't want to play. I think Duke's seniors give them an edge that Carolina and a lot of teams don't have. I think the lack of seniors and tourney experience will hurt teams like Ohio State and Kansas who are extremely talented.

Hopefully Duke can bottle up their performance from Sunday and use it in the tourney. If they can they will be a tough beat.