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US intel takes its cues from a tv show

We capture potentially dangerous people who could hold important information regarding the security of our country. Many people in the intel community and the Bush administration think that time is always of the essence when dealing with these potentially dangerous people. And we have vast resources at our disposal that can be used to get that important information from the person as quickly as possible.

Under these circumstances, what do we decide to do? We take what we saw in a tv show and apply it to prisoners at Gitmo:

When asked if she was aware the Americans had been using enhanced interrogation techniques she said: "Not for a quite a long time after they started using them. They chose to conceal it from the allies and indeed from their own citizens."

An FBI employee sent to observe interrogations at Guantanamo said a TV show had provided inspiration for some of the methods used.

Jim Clemente, of the FBI's behavioural analysis unit, said one officer told him: "She actually had watched the television show 24 to get ideas on interrogation methods that they would then utilise at Guantanamo.

"It was outrageous, unbelievable that someone would do something that stupid."

Outrageous and stupid are the kindest words I can think of to describe it. As Andrew Sullivan points out, this kind of thinking was par for the course in the Bush administration. These people had no fucking clue. It took a few people with a clue and some courage for these acts to actually be made public knowledge.

If we can't put Bush and everyone in his administration involve with this on trial we should at least take every opportunity to point out how fucking stupid they are for approving these acts.

And the next time the gov't wants to implement something they saw on a tv on actual policy it better be something they saw on The Wire.