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Community season 3

My favorite show came back on air tonight. I'd call it an average episode by Community standards. I think the reason for it being average is having to resolve the ending from last season where Pierce is not quite in the group. Its not that they didn't handle it well, or that I didn't like how they used Jeff getting kicked out of Biology in order to show how the group has evolved beyond being just simply a study group.

Jeff was the best one to use in order to show how the group has evolved. Remember that he joined it, or technically created it, just to sleep with Britta. While he could still want to sleep with Britta or Annie, that doesn't seem to be his primary motivation for wanting to get back into Biology and thus the group. So showing that growth was important for the show and they executed it ok.

I guess I just didn't completely buy Pierce's change. And they gave me reason not to at the end of the episode. And I guess they are just setting things up for the rest of the season. I don't want to sound like I'm disappointed. I think its just the nature of opening episodes of tv seasons in which the show didn't completely wrap up everything it did in the previous season (see Buffy as a good example of this) that you don't get a typical episode. But you do usually get a necessary episode. And I fully suspect that this will set up many great stories for the rest of the season.

And also ... pop! pop!!!