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HIMYM's return

It was nice to see How I Met Your Mother back for another season. Nothing earth-shattering happened. Ted was Ted. Nothing new there. Still waiting for the mother to show up. Lilly and Marshall are less interesting now that they are expecting a baby. I miss them being the cute couple they were for the first few seasons. I really only like them now when they are helping the rest of the group with their issues.

The best stuff is Robin and Barney. Barney is fun, but the womanizer thing gets tired. And I like Nora, the girl he is going after. I wouldn't quite call myself a Robin and Barney shipper. But I am a little intrigued by the fact that Robin still has feelings for Barney. I suspect its just a ploy to create a which one will Barney marry dynamic for the rest of the season. If they handle it well I probably won't mind too much.

As far as Robin goes I'm leaning towards wanting them to let her just be a single woman, or someone who dates but doesn't settle down. I'm not sure if they will stick to this tiny moment I remember from early in the show, but Ted's kids draw a picture of themselves with Aunt Robin. Its just her in the picture with the kids. And that's at least 5 years down the line from now. So either the kids weren't actively playing with Robin's husband when they drew the picture or Robin never marries. And if that's the case, it should be Nora who is marrying Barney. I guess we'll see by the end of the season.