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Breaking News: Mitt Romney is still a liar

This may come as a shock to some of you. But it seems as though Mitt Romney has been caught in another lie. Andrew Sullivan has the details:

But even the WaPo concedes that Romney cited his active Bain business ties from 1999 on in 2002 under oath to help establish residential eligibility to run for governor of Massachusetts in 2002. And Kessler admits that Romney's sworn testimony on this contradicts his legal SEC filing, and several filings Romney made as CEO in the period in question.

Like with basically everything else, Romney wants to have it both ways. He says his experience as CEO of Bain gives him an understanding of the economy that will benefit him as president. That advanced knowledge of the economy is what he says he has more than Obama, which is why he should be elected over him. At the same time, he says that he isn't responsible for any of the negative things Bain has ever done, even when he was CEO in name only and still getting paid by the company.

This man's pants have been lit on fire so many times by his lies that even his vast wealth is having trouble paying for new pants. I haven't been paying close attention to this Bain issue because I don't need it in order to not like Romney. But if you press me for an opinion on it, I'd say that what Bain did under Romney is probably not all bad. Though for me it highlights something fundamental about Romney, that his sole purpose in life is to obtain power.

Bain was purely about making money, not about creating good things for the public. And as a politician, one of the things Romney actually did for the benefit of the public, is one of the main things he is criticizing Obama for, which is the individual mandate that is designed to try and insure as many people as possible. His party is part of why Romney acts the way he does. But the fact that he lies so often and plays so much to his crazy party shows how empty he is.

Update: Romney responds to this situation with faux-outrage:

“What kind of a president would have a campaign that says something like that about the nominee of another party?” Mr. Romney asked during a brief interview with CBS News. Earlier, on CNN, Mr. Romney called the accusation of criminal behavior — which came on Thursday from Mr. Obama’s deputy campaign manager — “disgusting” and “demeaning” and said it was destructive to the political process.

Ugh. What a hack. Here's Andrew's reaction:

I'm getting the feeling that Romney thinks he is above the level of accountability required in a presidential candidate or even in an average ethical businessman. He seems genuinely offended to be directly challenged with facts - which he still won't address or rebut in detail. So he simply huffs and puffs and uses words like "disgusting" for a perfectly valid charge in the big boy world of presidential politics.

Of course he thinks he is above any level of accountability and the law. He's a rich and powerful person. They genuinely are above the law in many cases. This could become a big issue. And Obama seems not afraid to push hard on it.