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My five freebies

The annual vote for your five freebies is going on at one of my favorite sites, Here's the link that explains what the list is and where you can cast your vote. Basically, you just choose the five celebrities you would sleep with if you could without your significant other getting mad. Since us over at pajiba are a bunch of elitists we tend to pick the not too obvious celebs and make actual talent part of the criteria. And we also try to make it current. So here's my list for this year.

My first two are holdovers from last year. Alyson Hannigan just keeps being the most adorable woman in the world. She only gets better with age. And she is still doing good work on How I Met Your Mother. As you will see, doing good work is a key factor in getting on my list since pajiba is a site about current film/tv/pop culture. Thus, while Kristin Kreuk and Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be on my all time list, they aren't on this year's list because of their lack of solid work.

The other holdover from last year is Alison Brie. She is also one of pajiba's hall of famers (Thus she won't be eligible for the list again). But I couldn't leave her off the list because she is still awesome in Community and she is just as beautiful/adorable as she was last year. The thing that sets both Ms Brie and Ms Hannigan apart is that while they are gorgeous, they are great in the roles they take on. And I feel like they would be genuinely nice and enjoyable to be around in person.

Next on my list is Krysten Ritter, star of my favorite new show "Don't Trust the Bitch in Apt 23". I first saw Krysten in the underrated movie "She's Out of My League" and thought she was uniquely gorgeous. In her new show she is given free reign to be funny and bitchy and she does a great job with it.

Fourth on my list is Aubrey Plaza. I'm in love with her character on Parks and Recreation. And every time I see Aubrey out of character, she seems very similar to that character. I love how cynical and introverted she is, and how she really cares about some people deep down. I just feel like we are kindred spirits. And she is really cute.

Rounding out my list is Anne Hathaway. I've always liked Anne. She is beautiful and sexy without being a stereotypically beautiful Hollywood actor/model. And she just has a charm about her that makes her appealing in every movie I've seen her in. Plus I'm expecting her to kick ass in TDKR (which is only two weeks away, AHHH!!!, can't wait).

There you have it. Those are the ladies that have most rocked my world in the past year. And I fully expect them to keep doing so for years to come. Just for fun, my all time list would probably include the aforementioned Kristin Kreuk, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alyson Hannigan. Those are the locks. Alison Brie is pretty close to being a lock as well.