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How I Met Your Mother season premiere

I wasn't a big fan of how they ended last season. Ted leaving with Victoria, who left her fiance at the alter, felt extremely rushed. Marshal and Lilly having a baby is nice. But that really limits what they can do with them. And I hated Barney and Robin getting married. It never worked for me. So how did they handle all of those stories in the first episode of the new, and hopefully last, season?

It was ok. It was a cop out to have Victoria's fiance bail on the wedding too. We were given absolutely no background on their relationship. So we really have no emotional investment in them and therefore no reason to care about what should be huge moments in their lives. It's almost like they had the guy bail just so that they didn't make Ted look like an asshole, like they did with Stella.

Lilly and Marshal were simply played for laughs. Ha ha, they aren't getting any sleep because they have a baby. Cliche. The only thing that makes it not boring is the sheer glorious beauty of Alyson Hannigan. It's also a waste of Marshal.

They still have a really long way to go to convince me that Robin and Barney together is a good thing. It was weak to have Quinn freak out simply over hearing that Robin and Barney used to date. Just having that knowledge shouldn't mean she suspects something is between them. It was an easy way for the writers to set up the eventual breakup between Barney and Quinn. And because I never bought them as a couple in the first place, it has almost zero effect on me when Barney shows Robin all the stuff from their relationship.

But the part that saved the episode and what could save the season was the last scene where we finally see the mother and Ted in the same scene. Even with all the not so great episodes and choices made by Ted, I still root for him. So hopefully this is finally the season we meet the mother of Ted's kids. He has waited long enough.