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Romney's religion

I'm not a fan of religions in general. And there were so many other ridiculous/horrible things to focus on that I never gave Romney's a second thought. But Andrew Sullivan makes a good point. I'm going to quote a lot of it since it's so well written:

I raise this because it is a fact that Mitt Romney belonged to a white supremacist church for 31 years of his life, went on a mission to convert Christians and Jews and others to this church, which retained white supremacy as a doctrine until 1978 - decades after Brown vs Board of Education, and a decade after the end of the anti-miscegenation laws.

Once upon a time, when journalists were actually asking politicians tough questions, rather than begging for a get for ratings, this question was actually asked of Mitt Romney by Tim Russert. It's a fascinating exchange for many reasons:
There's nothing in Romney's answer that violates the old Mormon doctrine - still there in the Book of Mormon - that for some reason, people with black skin suffer some kind of inherited curse that will only be lifted after everyone else has been saved in the hereafter.
But all this evades the key question: what did the Romneys do to confront their own church's non-secular position on the inherent spiritual inferiority of blacks? Nothing, so far as I can find. If any reader can find some, please send it to me and I'll post it.
Notice also the lack of any apparent remorse, or criticism of the church's previous position. This is a church that can take a position rooted in its own Scripture and just one day say it's over and let's move on. Even white supremacism! And people still don't see how Mormonism - its utilitarian use of truth, its studied mainstream all-American appeal, its refusal to be completely transparent to outsiders, and its insistence on never having to account for itself - isn't integral to Mitt Romney's personality and beliefs. Romney will no more let outsiders look at his finances than the LDS church will allow non-Mormons inside their Temples after they have been consecrated.

I didn't post the beginning where he basically makes the point that Obama took infinitely more questioning about his religion during his 2008 run than Romney has taken this campaign. Romney has at least taken some questions on most other issues. But those questions have been mild for someone running for public office, much less the presidency. And this issue that Andrew brings up is yet another instance of the media completely failing at their job.

Romney should basically be unelectable. He's an elitist who has no clue how most people live. He is a politician whose sole purpose is to seek power, as evidenced by his ability to have any position he feels he needs to have in order to win office. He has basically no knowledge of international relations. And his supposed guiding moral compass is a religion that, as Andrew points out, has some very recent questionable beliefs, beliefs Romney didn't question and still won't fully condemn (that we know of). He's a power-hungry fraud. And I'm not sure the media has done the bare minimum in pointing that out to the country.