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The conservative narrative on jobs

Andrew Sullivan points out the duality of how conservatives talk about the relationship between the gov't and job creation:

"As president, I will create 12 million new jobs," - Mitt Romney, October 16.

"The government doesn't create jobs," - Mitt Romney, October 16.

The latter quote is the one that is bullshit, in theory I mean. I doubt that 12 million number is much more than pulled out of thin air or derived from a "study" not much more thorough than this blog. But I think it's pretty clear that the gov't can create jobs, and that Romney believes so.

As political narratives go, this one is pretty straightforward. Romney and conservatives don't like to acknowledge that except on the campaign trail and in certain contexts because it goes against their supposed belief that gov't is largely useless and just gets in the way of businesses and people's interests. But they obviously have to give the appearance to the public that they are doing something to help them. And they know the public cares a lot about the availability of jobs.

So you get contradictory claims in the same day because you have to appeal to your base that hates the gov't and believes the narrative you have been pushing on them for decades and you have to appeal to moderates who are worried about the economy and jobs. Again, pretty straightforward. But as a way to keep myself focused on narratives I wanted to post it.