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How I Met Your Mother: The Final Page

Spoilers to follow for the episodes of December 17th.

I've been vocal about not being a fan of Robin and Barney together as a couple. These episodes finally addressed the big event they show us at the beginning of this season. But I'll get to that in a minute. First I want to discuss the other characters.

I predicted at the beginning of this season that it wouldn't go well, that the characters are all static and there just isn't much left to wring out of them. Thus far the season hasn't been that bad. I think that's mostly a testament to the outstanding cast and how well the handle anything they are given. One thing I thought I wouldn't like was Lilly and Marshall having a baby. That's been ok for the most part, but for a weird reason.

They barely ever show the baby. This kid must sleep 23 hours a day. That or Lilly's dad takes care of him 75% of the time. It's really weird. But I think that's why I haven't been disappointed with Lilly and Marshall this season. Ted has been Ted. He was good in the second part of tonight's episode. But given my problems with Robin and Barney, I was kind of hoping Ted would profess his love for Robin and she would come to her senses.

But given what they have already shown us about where this season ends, we know that Robin and Barney are going to end up together. I give the writers this, they handled the lead up and proposal pretty well. It was typical Barney. But despite most things going well, they still showed exactly why this relationship just doesn't work for me.

Robin reads the play and tells Barney this is yet another reason she can't trust him and thus why they can't work as a couple. And then, literally seconds after she says that, she agrees to get engaged to him. What the fuck? She knows she can't trust him and he just pulled a massive prank on her in which she was emotionally distraught and almost fired someone at work. But in the span of a few seconds she figures, eh, what the fuck?

Ugh. I just don't get it. They still have nothing in common aside from having the same friends and being good looking. Just as I feared, the writers have done nothing to bring me around on this. And now it's like they are actively trying to piss me off and ruin Robin for me. At least they used this to make Ted look good. And there's always Alyson Hannigan. I about fell out of my chair when she said she likes big wieners and wants one in her mouth.