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The Dark Knight Rises on BluRay

Politics is slow and boring right now. So I haven't had much to say. I'm also kind of back into my "depressing job search" mode in which I blog in spurts. So to get out of ruts I try to look beyond politics to find something to write about. And this was a big week for Batman fans like me. The Dark Knight Rises came out on BluRay. Obviously, I was ready to drop $40 on the special edition (picture here).

But the first two places I went informed me that none of their stores in the entire city had the special edition set. I was extremely annoyed that the first store didn't have it. I was on the brink of snapping and turning into the Joker when the second store didn't have it. Luckily, the third store had two left (in retrospect, I should have bought both). If they didn't have it I would have either fell to the floor weeping or snapped and destroyed the store. So, crisis averted. I had underestimated how few of these special editions they were making and how many Batman fans there are out there like me.

I haven't watched the movie on BluRay yet. I'll get to it either tonight or tomorrow night. I expect it to be incredible, which will likely eventually cause me to wear out the disk. But I have watched the special features and I wanted to say a word or two about that. I had seen some of the Batmobile documentary on tv before. But I watched all of it on the disk and it was fantastic. It gave a pretty in depth look at how each Batmobile was made and then looked at the cultural impact it has had. It was really cool to see that. And it was really touching when they drove the Tumbler to a children's hospital so that the kids could have some fun with it.

The other special features dealt with the making of Rises. There were quite a few of them and they were all interesting. As is typical with Nolan movies, no one sits there and explains the plot and themes. There are some instances where they touch on what they were trying to do, mainly in developing characters like Bane and Selina. But otherwise it's about how they made/shot the movie.

If you want a review of the movie itself, I'll direct you a compilation of what I've written about it here. I love this movie, the Nolan trilogy, and Batman a ton. And I'm thrilled to be able to enjoy it whenever I want. I strongly suggest you go buy it and do the same.