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Awards season

Tonight was the Golden Globes. I only know this because it was all over Twitter. For the most part I avoid award shows, especially those for music. Music award shows are particularly terrible in that they honor a ton of horrible shit while ignoring the hard rock and metal genres. Don't get me started on country music. Those vain assholes have an award show every other month.

I don't care about movie and tv award shows for similar reasons, mainly that they ignore the genres I care about. I get that my tastes aren't very mainstream, especially when it comes to tv. So it doesn't bother me that much that a show like Community doesn't get much love. But something that bugs me about the movie side is the fact that some of the stuff I love is mainstream, thus is ignored for other reasons. Take The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers this year. Those were the most popular movies of the year. And they were widely acclaimed by both critics and audiences. But neither of them got any respect from any of award shows.

Ok, so the Oscars gave the award to Heath Ledger in 08 for The Dark Knight. But that has been the exception that proves the rule. Notice that the movie itself didn't get nominated. And that seems to be because voters don't respect the genre. I can't think of any other reason than old norms which say that comic or fantasy movies aren't "serious" movies. I find that to be very weird considering many dramas that get nominated are basically made up stories, just like comics and fantasies.

Take Le Miserable. What is normal or serious about people spontaneously bursting into song during a movie? Who does that in real life? Don't get me wrong. Even though I don't "get" musicals at all, I respect that it's an art form and part of it's own genre that deserves to be recognized. By most accounts Le Mis is an emotionally powerful movie, which is why it's getting nominated and why the awesome Anne Hathaway is being awarded.

But what makes that movie fundamentally different than a movie about a guy dressing as a bat and fighting crime? They're both movies that depict things that don't happen in the real world. Every movie that isn't a documentary does this. And that's why they have a separate category for documentaries. They are fundamentally different than movies like Zero Dark Thirty or Argo.

Once we establish that a movie like Argo, which was good but not as good as many made it out to be, is a movie in the sense that it doesn't conform 100% with reality, I don't see why it can't be compared right along side with The Dark Knight Rises. Because in the end, all of these movie's goals is to make you feel something on an emotional level; whether that be love, hate, laughter, etc. Once those emotions are there it shouldn't matter what type of movie it is.

Until the people nominating and awarding movies start to recognize that I can be moved just as much by Batman sacrificing himself for his city as I can by a fictionalized account of Lincoln reading his second inaugural address I will continue not to care about these shows.