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Slow blogging

I've been in a blogging slump lately. There hasn't been much politics to talk about. The fiscal curb deal was too annoying to devote too much time to discussing. The deal they made wasn't terrible. Though it's further proof that Republicans, and to some extent Democrats, don't care at all about non-rich people that they let the payroll tax holiday expire without batting an eye while they fought long and hard for to raise the income level at which income taxes went up.

Another reason blogging has been slow is because of the holidays. I'm not a big fan of christmas. It's nice to get free stuff. But all of the other stuff surrounding it is annoying. Plus it's the time of year where it seems like everyone gets sick, including me. When I'm sick I revert back to being a little kid, helpless and whinny.

I'm also frustrated with another round of job hunting that hasn't gone anywhere. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do. I'm strongly considering going into teaching since I enjoy academics. I'm just not sure I can handle dealing with kids all day, especially younger ones. If anyone has any advice on the job front I welcome it.

Now for some random thoughts:

Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 was on tonight, for some reason. It's normal time is Tuesdays. But hey, I'll take as much as they are willing to show. And as it's been all season, the show was great. Kristen Ritter and Dreama Walker are just super adorable and really talented. I could watch those two read the phone book, if they make them anymore. And James Van Der Beak is so funny. I highly recommend the show. It's my second favorite to Community right now. Oh, and Kristen Ritter favorited one of my tweets on Twitter. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!

I bought my brother The Dark Knight Trilogy on Bluray for christmas. Needless to say if you follow this blog, this is now my favorite trilogy, surpassing the original Star Wars trilogy.

Chris Hayes' show "Up with Chris Hayes" weekends on MSNBC is must watch tv. It's great political discussion.

The radio in Memphis sucks, particular when it comes to rock music. It's all Def Leppard and soft rock. Very little hard rock. Almost no metal. Criminal underplaying of old school Metallica. Speaking of, I learned some of "Creeping Death" on the guitar today. Great song.

I watched The Big Lebowski again and loved it. I had watched it with my ex girlfriend but I must have been distracted by her because I didn't appreciate how awesome it was. John Goodman is incredibly funny in it.

Quick movie roundup: The Hobbit was better than I was expecting. This is 40 is way different than what they marketed it as. It's really dark and too long. Django Unchained is a lot of fun. Typical Tarantino, in a good way.

Best christmas gift so far aside from Battlestar Galactica on Bluray, Jordan sweatpants. If it wasn't a sign of giving up I'd pull a George Costanza and drape myself in them at least half the time in public.

Speaking of Seinfeld, I just watched the episode where Susan dies from licking toxic stamps. It's funny. But it's also kind of disturbing how non-shalantly they treat her death.