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This is the Republican party

They can't make any more clear who they are as a party than what they did with the Farm bill:

House Republicans successfully passed a Farm Bill Thursday by splitting apart funding for food stamps from federal agricultural policy, a move that infuriated the White House and congressional Democrats who spent most of the day trying to delay a final vote.

....The vote made clear that Republicans intend to make significant reductions in food stamp money and handed Republican leaders a much-needed victory three weeks after conservative lawmakers and rural state Democrats revolted and blocked the original version of the bill that included food stamp money.

....The White House said late Wednesday that President Obama would veto any Farm Bill that fails to comprehensively address federal farm and food aid policy. In a statement, White House officials said they had insufficient time to review the bill.

To recap, they just voted to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for farm subsidies and nothing for food stamps. They purposefully separated the food stamp funding from the larger Farm bill because they want to significantly cut the funding. This is the most clear and blatant demonstration that Republicans care vastly more about rich, white people than everyone else as I can remember. These self-identified christians think the poor in this country have it too well, or that not letting them starve is just holding them back. But they think farm corporations are the ones being held back by, something, I guess. They are the ones that need money from the gov't because the gov't giving money to people is bad unless, something, I guess. I've almost run out of ways to be disgusted with this party.