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Batman v. Superman teaser trailer

There's a lot of speculation out there about the movie based on the teaser trailer. That's fair up to a certain extent. But I want to point out that there seems to be a lot of preconceived notions about what the movie and characters should be. Snyder invites that to some extent by saying he's drawing from The Dark Knight Returns. But drawing is not adapting. And I don't think we should expect the same things we've seen from these characters and their stories.

The cinematic universe Batman and Superman share doesn't have decades of friendship to build upon like Miller did in The Dark Knight Returns. So, along with the fact that we don't know how it will play out, it's not completely fair to hold Snyder to that expectation. I also don't think it's fair to hold Snyder to the expectations of what Superman is/should be while also expecting him not to just remake the original Donner Superman movie.

I'm as adamant as anyone that Batman shouldn't kill. But we all overlooked the fact that he killed Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight. We overlooked it because Nolan laid the groundwork for the character and set up a scene in which Batman had no other choice. But Snyder sets up a similar scene where Superman has the choice to either kill Zod or let innocent people die and he doesn't get Superman because he chooses to save innocent people.

Sorry, but I find that to be a more compelling look at Superman than a movie where, failing to save the girl he has a crush on he reverses the orbital rotation of the earth, thus reversing time, and then deciding to save the innocent people he couldn't get to before. And while I probably enjoyed The Avengers more than Man of Steel, once again that movie gets a pass for destroying a city while Snyder doesn't.

I guess what I'm saying is that maybe if people check their expectations they might have a different perspective of what this movie and these characters can be. Plus, regardless of the plot, Affleck as Batman looks badass. Dude is huge.