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A completely non-political post

Two of my all-time favorite movies were on today. One you will certain know and the other you might not. Its mob week on AMC and you can't have mob week without The Godfather. And rightfully so, it leads off the week. I can watch Brando and Pacino in this movie on a continuous feedback loop. They are just awesome. And the rest of the movie is just beautifully done. I've seen it and part II at least ten times and I'll continue to tune in. It kind of goes without saying that if you haven't seen this classic you should watch it. The only complaint I've consistently heard is that its long, which it is. But its well worth your time.

The other movie was Serenity. It was on one of the few channels that would show a sci-fi western. With Cowboys and Aliens getting poor reviews and not making much money, it seems like the mesh up of genres doesn't appeal to large audiences. Serenity also didn't do all that well at the box office. But I have yet to hear of someone who has seen Serenity and hasn't liked it, or even thought it was fantastic. I don't think you have to like either the sci-fi or the western genre in order to enjoy it. Joss Whedon's writing and directing make it accessable to anyone who likes witty dialogue and good looking people speaking that dialogue. You owe it to yourself to watch Serenity, and the tv show Firefly that it was based off of. And you don't necessarily have to watch the show before the movie. It would help. But I watched the movie first and loved it despite not seeing the show. Go watch it now so you can start being psyched about Joss Whedon's next movie, The Avengers.