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Why I love Community

It was a rerun last night. But it contained one of my favorite lines of the show. Spoilers if you haven't seen it. Pierce is in the hospital. So the gang is sitting in the waiting area. The camera focuses on Annie who seems a little freaked out. She says she doesn't want to die in a place like this, that people shouldn't die where magazines go to die.

That prompts Shirley to say that she wants to die surrounded by her family. That prompts Jeff to say that is the only way he wants to be with his family. Then Troy chimes in with his plan that he and his friends have laid out if one of them dies.

When one of them dies, the others agreed to make it look like a suicide that was spurred on by the fact that Firefly has been canceled. I laughed just typing that. After he says that he leans over to look at Abed, who is running a camera for a documentary he is filming of the gang at the hospital, and tells him they are going to get the show back on the air someday.

Not only is it awesome that the writers love Firefly. But that is a really funny way to acknowledge the show and the way it was handled by the network. That type of dedication to awesome pop culture stuff is a big reason why I love Community. They don't just drop in a reference here and there like Big Bang Theory does sometimes (They also mentioned Firefly when Sheldon stipulates in the roommate contract that Friday night is reserved for watching Firefly. Leonard asks if that is necessary. And Sheldon says of course, it will be on for several years.) They go all out and weave the reference into the plot in a clever and funny way. I hope they keep it up.