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How I Met Your Mother

I haven't written about the show in a while. That's probably because its been solid, or average, yet unspectacular. Tonight's episode wasn't quite great. But it was really good because they actually advanced a plot. And it was about my favorite character, Robin. Spoilers ahead for those who are behind in watching.

Last week's episode ended with Robin telling Barney she is pregnant. Tonight's episode picks up at that moment, with Robin being worried and Barney being excited. What I like about the story is they didn't change who Robin has been from the start of the show. As previously stated, I like Robin because he is a beautiful, smart, motivated, and confidant woman who knows what she wants out of her life and doesn't define herself purely by her relationships with other people.

She broke up with Ted because she didn't want to get married. She broke up with Barney because the relationship changed who she was. And tonight she is worried because she doesn't want children. The writers do this episode in the style that they do with Ted, but with Robin telling her kids how they came about. So we are led to believe that she goes through with the pregnancy even thought we are familiar with her objections, not to mention that Barney is the father.

To take up the flag that Alysa Rosenberg is flying about getting better abortion stories in tv, I wish they would have touched on this. It turns out that Robin wasn't actually pregnant. So that conversation wasn't necessary. But if she were it would have probably been something she thought about. Beyond that, she is told she can't have children at all. And even though she doesn't want kids, this news troubles her throughout most of the episode. Given the narrative they were using and her sadness I was expecting them to make her have a change of heart. But they came through and let Robin be Robin by showing that she actually doesn't have kids and turns out to do the other things she wanted to do with her life.

The best part was the end where Robin comes back to the apartment after doing a soul-searching walk through the city. Earlier we had seen her tell Ted that it wasn't his job to make her feel better. We finally got a reminder of why Ted is a good guy when he sets up a Christmas lights theme set to AC/DC in the apartment to try and make her feel better. It was a really sweet moment for them, which I really like to see because their relationship is a big part of why I loved the show. So more of Robin being her awesome self and more sweet Ted.