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Late anniversary

I missed my one year anniversary by a few weeks, well, more like three weeks. At that time I was busy thinking about the job interview I had coming up. That went well but didn't end up in me being employed. And my internship is done. So I'm back to being a bum and looking for a job. At least that should give me more time to blog.

I've enjoyed the past year of doing this blog. Its at least a little therapeutic to write down my thoughts, especially when something irritates me. And while they don't actually read what I write, I like interacting with the rest of the blogging community by responding to their posts and hopefully adding something to the discussion. I appreciate anyone who has stumbled across this place and taken the time to read something. Here is the shameless self promotion segment where I tell you to tell someone about this blog if you like what you read.

Its probably a safe assumption that if you are a conservative you might not enjoy what I write. I'm very liberal and enjoy trying to pick apart conservative logic. But I also try to hold liberals accountable when I think they are using poor logic. I'm partisan but I hope I give good reasons for being so. I'd appreciate any feedback telling me what I don't.

Special thanks to Jonathan Bernstein for giving me my biggest recognition. He linked to this post I wrote about Buffy and Sarah Michelle Gellar on his link roundup on The Washington Post. If I do nothing else with this blog I will consider it at least a minor success that I got to write about Sarah Michelle Gellar and have it linked to on a major newspaper's website. It was an honor. So thanks again Jonathan. And check out his blog A Plain Blog About Politics (on the right side of the page). He does a great job discussing politics from a political scientist's perspective.

And here's to another year of blogging. Hopefully by the time the next anniversary rolls around I have a decent job and the economy has improved significantly. Until then, stick around. Be safe and awesome.