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Slow blogging

I haven't posted in a while. I've been traveling. And then I got sick. So I haven't had the time and then wasn't in the mood. I started catching up on politics last night. Jon Stewart was good on the ridiculous yet predictable criticism of a show about Muslims on TLC. Some guy FoxNews had on actually said that the show should be taken off because it challenged his beliefs about Muslims. Seriously, with a straight face. What a piece of shit.

I'm way tired of the Republican presidential nominating process. They are all either crazy or too cowardly to make sense. Hey conservatives, just nominate Newt already so you can spend another 4 years screaming socialism and claiming you need to take your country back.

Will someone play a decent game and beat the freaking Broncos so that we can have at least one week of lesser Tebow mania. Jeez. Is that too much to ask, that someone scores more than 13 points against their defense? Seriously, 14 points. That will likely get you a win. That's not too difficult in today's NFL. Even the horrible Jaguars offense scores 12.5 points per game. And for you Tebow fans, I have four words for you, regression to the mean.

Hopefully I start feeling better and things start to pick up. Though I wouldn't be surprised if things continue to be slow through the holiday season. If that's the case, just know that I'm probably off fighting the good fight in the war on christmas. Happy Holidays.