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Chuck series finale

This post contains spoilers for the finale.

Chuck ended it's run tonight. I had kind of forgotten how attached I was to this show until they showed some the early Chuck and Sarah moments. That first kiss when they thought the bomb was about to go off got the waterworks going. The more I think about it, the more this was a really bittersweet ending. Having Sarah's memory about Chuck gone is a really horrible thing. I understand why they did it. It served as an effective dramatic story and it allowed them to show us those early Chuck and Sarah moments that were so effective.

The part that really had me crying was when Sarah was watching her video logs of every day she was on her mission as Chuck's handler. She shares some sweet moments, those times when Chuck was so innocent and naive and trying to get close to Sarah. Then she gets to the moment when she confesses to herself that she loves Chuck. That worked so well because present day Sarah didn't remember the way she felt about Chuck. So I guess the writers were successful in that sense.

But I guess I'm just too much of a hopeless romantic. Chuck and Sarah were such a good couple. I was always rooting for Chuck since he was the sweet, nerdy guy that guys like me identified with. And eventually, when Sarah shows that she cares about Chuck beyond just her mission and then finally when she shows that she loves him, I rooted for Sarah too. I think Yvonne and Zachary did a good job of making their characters seem genuine, which was also why I liked them together.

So because I like them so much I really wanted the happy ending. I wanted Sarah to somehow get her memory back. Maybe I'm slightly misreading the ending. They suggest that she is beginning to remember some things. And she seems to have a good emotional reaction to Chuck telling her their stories during that last scene on the beach. And maybe we were meant to think that Morgan's magic kiss theory was right. I'm not sure. But I guess at worst Sarah seems to feel some sort of connection to Chuck and is on her way to regaining what they had. And I guess I just wanted Chuck and Sarah to definitively live happily ever after.

I hate when my favorite shows end. I really feel a sense of loss, even when later seasons aren't as good. I hadn't watched ER for the last few seasons after having watched all of the early seasons. But I watched the finale and loved it. I had the same emotional response to it that I had to Chuck. For Chuck, I think it was time to end it. It's hard to accept. But tv shows aren't meant to go on forever. The stories need to end.

So thank you Chuck and all of the people involved. I hope you all find further success and know that whatever you do you will have a lot of fans like me that appreciate the work you did on Chuck.