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New Van Halen single

I think I've mentioned this before, but I love Van Halen. They are probably my favorite band of all time. So I'm glad they are releasing a new album, and more glad they are touring for that album. As is apparently the standard now and days they have release a single off that album, which can be found here. My first impression is, eh. The tempo is a bit too slow. And there is no real hook or riff.

I'm weird with music. Sometimes I hear something right away and I get it, like Lady Gaga for example, or when I heard Van Halen for the first time. Other times I hear something and it takes a while for me to get into it, like Iron Maiden or Sum 41's "Does This Look Infected". It's possible I'll end up liking this new single. But I doubt it. I generally need that hook from the guitar. Hopefully the rest of the album gives me some of that.