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The Avengers

This post will contain spoilers. So go see the movie already.

I've seen it twice now and I had a lot of fun both times. I'm really proud of Joss Whedon for making a good movie and one that looks to be extremely successful. What I hope is that the film's success leads to giving more leeway to Joss. I think they let him do a lot of what he wanted. He did get to kill someone. But he didn't go very dark. Granted, this is not Batman. This is a group of people who don't exist in the real world. So you just can't go to the same emotional depths that you can with a Batman movie. But you can give it a little more focus on character rather than plot. And I think that was the one way this movie could have been better. And that is Joss' strength.

Aside from what I hope for in the future, I think he did a good job with a difficult task. Every character had their moment. Black Widow was a nice change of pace to an otherwise all male cast, also aside from Agent Hill who didn't get much to work with. She was funny and believable as a badass. I think her presence helped to humanize these larger than life characters. And it's a nice bonus that Scarlett is gorgeous.

It's hard not to focus on Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr is just fantastic. He has an inherent charisma or charm that makes you like his character immediately. So combined with Joss dialogue I thought he was a strong point in the film. The Hulk kind of stole the show because he got the biggest laughs. I was a fan of Mark Ruffalo going into the movie. So I wasn't as skeptical about the character going in. Those characters stuck out to me. But the rest of the cast was very good. I thought they all did very well with everything they were given.

So again, thanks to Joss and the people who gave him the opportunity to make the movie. Thanks for all of the people who are going to see it. And if you haven't seen it I encourage you to go, even take the kids. You will enjoy it.