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Community and Parks & Rec renewed

I want to thank NBC for giving us another season of each, even if it's a shortened one. For some reason these shows don't get big ratings. So it probably would have been easy to move on and cut your losses. But aside from there probably being some sort of financial benefit from renewing them (dvd sales I would guess), I'd like to think that some people at NBC love these shows as much as the fans do and have invested as much as we have in them and their characters.

Parks and Recreation's seasons finale last night was a really nice reminder of why we love the show. We got the result of the election and along the way got funny and emotionally satisfying moments from each character, not to mention the awesomeness of Ron Swanson: "You drive. I've had 11 whiskies." It was good enough to where if it hadn't have been renewed it would have been a good sendoff. Now hopefully since they know they have at least another 13 episodes they can give us a great sendoff, if not just another great season that leads into another season.

Side note about my viewing of the episode. The first few minutes and the last ten minutes were interrupted by the local NBC affiliate in order to tell us that two blonde girls were found alive. I'm not sure why this was such important "news" that they felt the need to cut into the show so that we could see shots of the place where the girls were found.

Aside from me not understanding why this was a news story considering it didn't seem any more horrible than what I'm sure happens in Memphis every day, especially to black people and not just a few cute white girls, I'm not sure why the news couldn't have been conveyed to the audience with a simple scroll along the bottom. In fact, they had a scroll on the screen for part of the episode. So on a few different levels it was unnecessary to interrupt the show and force me to watch the end online today, which had the effect of lessening the episode as a whole. So thanks a lot you fucking morons at the local NBC.

I don't think Community's episode was the season finale. I hope it wasn't. Dustin over at really didn't like the episode. Overall I thought it was one of their weaker ones. But it had some nice moments, especially when it was ripping on itself. And when you leave me with some "Troy and Abed in the Morning....Nights" I can't be too unsatisfied. The episode actually reminded me of the Buffy episode where the trio make Buffy think she is in a mental institution and has been imagining everything for the past four years. I think the episode was called "Normal Again". I'm not sure if Community was thinking of that episode specifically. But aside from that, it was just an ok way to get to the next episode. And even just an ok episode of Community is better than nothing.

Update: Parks & Rec got a full season renewal and Community got half a season with the possibility of more. Also, another show I've grown fond of is Happy Endings. It got a full season.