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Mad Men

Spoilers for tonights episode (May 27th) will follow.

This is the first season I've watched live. I watched the entire series up to this season in the months leading up to it and I've really it and the current season. Tonight's episode might have been one of the better ones I've seen. Again, spoilers to follow.

I was really sad for Joan. Basically, she whored herself out for her future financial wellbeing, and maybe for the sake of the company. I think it was more for herself given the scene where her mom tells her the fridge needs to be repaired and the previous scene a few episodes ago where she turned down money from Rodger. I was sad because for the most part Joan is a strong headed person. She generally doesn't take people's shit. But sometimes she conforms to the roles her society expects of her.

She married the asshole doctor despite the fact he was an asshole. She sleeps with Rodger but doesn't let him control her. But she also has his kid. Though at least an abortion was suggested and from my understanding, they hinted at her having a few abortions prior. One of my favorite moments of the show was when she told the asshole doctor to get out of her house and ended the marriage. But getting rid of him probably had a big impact on her decision in tonight's episode. I guess she just didn't feel she could get by enough without the financial security. While I said that she conforms to her society, this is something women still face in many parts of our world today. And while I would support prostitution in theory, financial coercion would give me huge pause in supporting it in reality.

I was kind of torn on my feelings about Peggy's actions. I'm glad she stuck up for herself, which she usually does. But like Peggy herself, I was kind of sad that she was leaving Don. Sure, he can be a complete asshole. And at some point you would just get tired of it. But he did give her her first big break. And when he isn't being a complete asshole he can be nice and charismatic. The scene where she tells Don she is leaving (and when he tells Joan not to sleep with the Jaguar guy) is why, even with his flaws, Don is a compelling character that I root for to make the right decisions. I'm interested to see Peggy leave and interact with people other than those at SCDP.

Megan continues to impress me. I love her honesty. She tells Don what she wants and tends not to back down when he throws his little fits because her needs don't perfectly coincide with his. I get the impression that her call back audition wasn't what she was looking for. I hope she continues to be honest with herself and doesn't take a role that looks like it will just be about her looks and not her acting talent. And if she does I hope she doesn't go back to SCDP just to please Don.

They've set up a lot for the next two episodes that will end this season. I'm looking forward to what they wrap up and what the future holds for the next season.