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Greatest gif ever?

I was going to name this the gif of the day. But this is too epic for such a title. This is one of the (possibly the) best gifs I've ever seen.

That comes from a pajiba biz break post where Henry Cavill says he would like to see a Batman and Superman team up movie. Uh, seconded. That would be incredible. I'm not sure how that movie wouldn't completely destroy the box office. It would be so huge that the Friday it opens it might be declared a national holiday so that everyone could get off work to go see it. Make this happen Warner Bros.

Speaking of Batman, I had an idea I posted on pajiba regarding the Batman franchise. They are obviously going to keep making Batman movies. If for some reason they pull another Schumaker and screw things up, I have an idea for them that they could do in about 20 years. By that time Christian Bale will be about 60. You could go full "The Dark Knight Returns" within the continuity of the The Dark Knight Rises story. John Blake had been Batman and had either retired or been killed. Things go bad in Gotham, possibly because they released the Joker. And Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) comes back to Gotham to become Batman again. I wouldn't put Superman in it like it is in the comic because this would be a sequel to Rises and he wouldn't fit. But I think it would be pretty awesome to pick up on The Dark Knight Trilogy after so long.