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New Girl season finale

As with a lot of tv I was late to New Girl. I guess I just assume everything on network tv is crap unless I'm repeatedly told otherwise. finally beat the drum for New Girl long and hard enough for me to give it a try. I'm glad I did, which means I now regret that I've come to it so late. I've only seen about the last half of this season. So I don't know much of the backstory between Nick and Jess and CeCe and Schmidt. But I liked Nick, Jess and Schmidt enough right from the start to care about their relationships. I hope I'm missing something with CeCe because I'm not really feeling her.

I mention those two relationships because they were the big focus on this half of the season, and especially the season finale. CeCe, for some reason I'm still not sure of, decided to have an arranged married. We thought her and Schmidt had moved on from each other. But magically, during Schmidt and Winston's sabotage of the wedding, CeCe realized that she wanted to be with Schmidt. And we found out that CeCe's fiance wanted to be with Taylor fucking Swift (stay the fuck away from my things Swift). This was all ridiculous. But it didn't bother me because the whole idea of CeCe going through with an arranged marriage was more ridiculous to begin with. So because it was funny I didn't mind. Though I did mind how CeCe put Schmidt on the spot in front of his current girlfriend (who was also his former girlfriend when he was fat).

The other part of the finale was Jess and Nick's new relationship. Nick has always been the screwup, slacker guy. That's part of what made him endearing to me and probably Jess. But they were both worried that because of those qualities, Nick wouldn't be good long-term boyfriend material. Part of why I've come to really like this show is I just love Nick. There's something so genuinely likable about him. When he told Jess that they should break it off because he wasn't responsible enough to be in the relationship I loved him even more. He could easily ignore his doubts just so he can keep having what has to be some pretty hot sex with Jess (just the way they kiss is really hot). But he didn't. And Jess thinks there's something between them. So she is willing to give it a shot. I mean, how could she not want to after Nick made what I had thought was one of the worst songs ever tolerable, maybe even good: