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Today's economy and a generation's struggles

I went to a wedding this weekend for a longtime childhood friend of mine. A lot of people I went to K-12 with were there and it was nice catching up with them. And aside from the religious nature of the ceremony (along with the gendered nature of it and the digs at gay marriage), it was nice to see people get married and be happy. One common theme in my talks with old friends (who are all the same age as me) was how hard it is in today's economy. We all graduated at about the same time and we've all had a hard time finding good work. Because of that, many of us still have student loan debt and still live with our parents in order to compensate for that and low wages.

The big reason I haven't been blogging basically at all lately is that I've been doing another unpaid internship (though I at least got a gas stipend this time). That's been occupying most of my mental energy when it comes to politics. I just don't feel like blogging when I've been thinking about politics all day. Just recently I was offered a paying job at the firm I've been interning for. It's a very small start-up consulting firm with a good reputation. But because it's small and it's a down time in the election cycle there isn't much revenue coming in. So my boss can't pay me very much. But I took it because I simply haven't found anything else. And I've applied to a wide range of places, from Target to Best Buy to Starbucks. Even though this job doesn't pay much I think I'm probably lucky to get it since it's something I will enjoy doing as opposed to other jobs that might pay a bit more but I wouldn't enjoy doing at all.

I write this post to in part explain why I haven't been blogging much and why that might continue. But I also wrote this to let other people in similar situations know that you aren't alone. I've talked to a lot of you who have gotten degrees, worked hard, paid dues and still can't find a good job. I know how frustrating it is to send out dozens and even hundreds of resumes and cover letters out and not get a single positive response. I know it's frustrating to have student loan payments come in month after month and not being able to pay them on your own. And as someone who pays attention to politics, I know it's beyond frustrating to see our leaders basically ignore us and only serve the interests of people who aren't struggling in this economy.

I'm not sure I have any great advice. But I'm at least willing to listen if anyone wants to share their story and seek some advice. And I'm interested in hearing from people who may have some advice for people who are struggling. So feel free to share in the comments section. Meanwhile I'll try to find more time to post more and share my experience in today's tough economy.