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Beer commercials

Apparently the channels I watch are channels advertisers think a lot of other men my age watch. Thus I see a ton of beer, car, and insurance ads. I'm sure cars and insurance are par for the course on most channels. But it seems like that is all I see when I watch tv.

As of late beer commercials have become extremely annoying. First of all their beer tastes like shit. And when I say their beer I mean predominantly Bud Light and Miller Lite, and to a lesser extent Coors Light. Secondly, theirs ads are either just extremely dumb or sexist. Coors Light's latest is Ice Cube arguing with a bottle over who is colder. Who gives a shit if your beer is super cold? Cold is good enough. The fact that it is super cold isn't going to make up for its poor taste.

Miller Lite is the worst because they have gone to ads that are all sexist. I won't analyze all of them, but basically their message is that unless you drink their beer you are not fully a man. They even go as far as to suggest that you are a woman if you don't drink their beer. Add in the fact that their beer is even worse than Coors Light and its safe to say I'm sticking to Newcastle even though it costs 10 bucks a six pack.