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Does the sports media have a long term memory?

Lebron James has been getting blasted today for his poor performance last night. And yeah, it was a poor performance. He let Wade take control of the offense early on. And because of that he didn't look for his shot (only 11 attempts all game, 1 in the 4th). But despite that he should have been more aggressive in the 4th when the game was close.

Much of the sports media has been killing him for that game though. And now they are using it as another example that he isn't "clutch", a "closer", a winner, etc. Apparently they have completely forgotten what he has done in the rest of this very playoffs. What did he not do in the series against the Celtics and the Bulls? He was very good in those series, even during the 4th quarter that the media overemphasizes.

That stuff happened mere weeks ago. Yet they act like it never happened. This shows that not only do they just create stories for them to talk about. They buy into thinking those stories matter and the convince themselves that the questions or critiques they bring up are true. This is a similar thing to what goes on in the political media with an issue like the deficit. But in reality the deficit and what Lebron James did in the 4th quarter last night are just one small piece of the puzzle that don't deserve as much attention as they get.

For those of you in the media, you don't have to make up this stuff or follow the herd in reporting on and talking about it just to get viewers. There is plenty of other stuff to talk about. Here is a novel idea. Try actually breaking down what happened on the court instead of having a guy completely speculate about what is going on in these player's heads.