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South Park

*Spoilers for tonight's episode ahead*

The newest episode of South Park was funny, as usual. But it was also kind of creepy because it felt like they were doing a biography of me. The plot is that Stan turns 10 years old. At his birthday party Kyle gives him a cd of some new band that is part of the tween wave. Stan's mom takes it away and tells him he can't listen to that kind of music because it sounds like crap.

Stan's dad, Randy, listens to it to see what its like and even though it sounds like crap (its literally a bunch of fart sounds) he says he likes it just so he can appear to be young. Stan finally gets to listen to it and to his surprise it sounds like crap to him too. As the episode goes on Stan finds that a lot of the stuff he used to like sounds or even looks like crap. For example, he goes to the movies with the gang and he says all of the previews look like crap.

I do the exact same thing at movies. And while I am cynical, I'm not quite as cynical as they made Stan out to be. I just thought it was really funny that they showed Stan thinking the same things that I think are shit are shit. I'm pretty sure that the first time I saw the preview for the new Kevin James movie where he plays a zookeeper I used the world shit to describe it.

I'll be interested to see what they do with Stan because they left the end of the episode a bit vague as to what will happen in the future. I also wonder if Matt and Trey were trying to tell us that they feel like Stan does. I'd guess that like me they feel that way on some level. Otherwise I'm not sure how they could do the type of stuff they do on their show.