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Franklin and Bash

I started watching this show because I like the two stars. And they have been as charming and funny as I thought they would be. The rest of the cast is solid as well, especially Malcolm McDowell. The beautiful women in F&B's apartment who act as extras are nice too. Despite the case of the week formula that I usually hate its been entertaining.

One thing that I question is why did they join the big law firm so quickly? IIRC they were offered the job in the first episode. They executed everything well enough. But it seems to me that they could have spent a lot more time following F&B on their own. More backstory would have given them a bit more depth. And they could have used more time to bring them into confrontation with the firm and give more depth to the skepticism around the office.

Maybe I have watched too many Whedon shows. But I think more conflict and tension would have been a good thing. And when they finally joined the firm we could have gotten into the stuff they are dealing with now. As it is, the only thing the show can do to shake things up would be to have them get fired or have one or both of them quit. That would be a good route to take. But there aren't many routes to take on a show like this and I'd want to save something for future seasons.

Quick note to the producers. The second girl who walked out of the hot tub on tonight's episode had the greatest ass I've ever seen. Feel free to bring her back. If you need another casting director I'm available.