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Farm subsidies matter more than food aid for children

At least to Republicans in the House. To quote Matt Yglesias, this speaks to where their priorities are:

A spending bill to fund the nation’s food and farm programs would cut the Women, Infants and Children program, which offers food aid and educational support for low-income mothers and their children, by $868 million, or 13 percent. An international food assistance program that provides emergency aid and agricultural development would drop by more than $450 million, one-third of the program’s budget. The legislation passed 217-203.

Obviously some members of the House have districts where farms are very important. So I don't completely fault those representatives for this vote. But nothing other than hypocritical adherence to bullshit fiscal conservatism would allow them and especial the reps. who don't have significant farm interests in their district to vote to decrease food aid to people while keeping subsidies that fly in the face of free market principles that they are supposed to be for.

Ridiculous. I'll leave it at that since this is my last night at the beach and I don't want to think about this much longer.