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Battlestar Galactica ctd.

It didn't take long for the show to address my concerns about the legitimacy of the gov't. I didn't expect a terrorist to be making similar arguments to the ones I was making, mainly about democratic viability. But it was a good way to create tension and raise those questions.

I think the solution Captain Apollo came up with was very good. Its important to keep continuity with the gov't that was established before the attack. And since the election would have conveniently been 7 months from now it will allow for a fairly quick change if the people decide its needed.

A few other things are interesting about the episode. One is that when the two cylons that are watching the two survivors on Caprica the woman cylon (the beautiful Tricia Hefer) expresses sympathy towards them. Her reasoning is that they are essentially the parents of the cylons. Obviously they are complex machines. But I didn't expect sympathy to be an emotion they would have, especially when the male cylon explains that they attacked because the humans would have destroyed themselves anyway and he showed no remorse. I wonder if the woman cylon that the Doc is hallucinating about on Galactica is as sympathetic as this one.