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A downside to a debt ceiling deal

Things seem to keep getting more crazy. Boehner has just attached the balanced budget amendment to his plan in an effort to get it out of the House and to the Senate where it won't pass. But even as things look worse and worse, I still think cooler heads will prevail and a deal will get passed. At this point I think that will involve Boehner cutting a deal with some Democrats in the House because it doesn't seem like the nut jobs in the GOP are willing to sign anything.

And that brings me to the problem that could result in an eventual deal. When such a deal passes the crisis will be averted and things will go back to normal. The economy will still be pretty crappy. But it won't have dived back into another recession. People will get their entitlement benefits. And those crazy Republicans who refused to sign anything will have not learned a thing.

These people like Michele Bachmann believe that we shouldn't raise the debt ceiling at all, and in not doing so nothing bad will happen. Or at least, whatever bad thing that happens is really a good thing. If a deal is passed they can go along thinking that this whole endeavor was a good thing. Or they could even think they didn't go far enough and need to fight harder to prevent raising the debt ceiling in the future. Even if we didn't get a deal and chaos broke out they probably would still not learn their lesson and instead blame it all on Obama. They are so crazy that only the word of god himself is enough to convince them they are wrong. And no matter what happens some of these people will not get that message. Just think of what it would mean for future debt ceiling votes and the country if more of these nut jobs are elected in 2012.