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The god...the HEAT!

To quote one of my favorite female characters of all time, Elaine Benes. My iphone says it is 98 degrees here in Memphis. And if you've ever been to Memphis during the summer, you know that the temperature doesn't lie. In fact, it often underestimates how insanely freaking hot it gets here.

You've probably heard the distinctions dry heat and wet heat. Dry heat is most often associated with the desert, in places like Arizona and states in the southwest of the US. I've never been west of Dallas. So I can't really compare that heat to the heat here. But I've heard its not as bad, and that seems to be evidenced by the huge populations of southern California.

I can tell you about wet heat. I think it gets the connotation of wet because it doesn't take long for you to start sweating profusely once you go outside. On a day like today, when you open the door you immediately feel a wave of hot air hit you. Its exactly like when you open a heated oven. And as you go outside you continue to feel the weight of the hot air. Its like its so heavy that your pores have to work overtime, and thus you sweat a lot.

I don't have much to say about this politically. I guess I'd just highlight that this is another reason we should care about the poor. My family freaks out when the temperature in their houses goes above 75. For people without AC this heat could actually be life threatening. And I'd be surprised if outdoor work didn't suffer some drop in efficiency because of the heat. So be careful and try to stay out of it for too long.