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July 4th

I had some July 4th thoughts I wanted to share.

Favorite ID4 fact: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who were close friends, died on the same day, which was July 4th. If that were in a movie I would probably roll my eyes. But the fact that it really happened is poetic.

Jonathan Bernstein's question for the weekend was who are your political heroes. The only one that comes to mind for me is James Madison. I remember reading the Constitution in Political Science 101 and being fascinated about how such a document was drawn up and how it helped create the great nation we still have over 200 years later. Obviously Madison was an important part of that. So I gravitated towards him and the arguments he made.

As I pointed out in my last post about the founders, he had poor positions on slavery and would contradict himself after Washington's presidency and into his own regarding federal power and states rights. But what I really admire is his ambition to help make his country great. And honoring that time and those people who laid the foundations for this great country is what the 4th is about to me.