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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I'm a huge fan of the show and subsequently everything Joss Whedon does. I bring this up because there are a few blogs out there that are watching (or rewatching) the show and commenting on it. Nik at Nite is rewatching it. She has written books about the show. So she can give you in depth analysis and talk about the entire show. Myles McNutt is watching the show for the first time and giving his commentary on it here.

I know what some people think when they hear about the show because I thought the same thing. How can a show named "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" be any good? The connotation of the name and then what the show is about is a just one of many ways in which its brilliant. Whedon constantly plays with your expectations. He is a master at drawing you in, making you expect something, and then doing the opposite.

Honestly though, the initial reason I started watching the show was that I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku running around kicking ass while looking gorgeous. But the more I watched the show the more I loved it. Its not just about good looking people (which there are plenty of) or a monster of the week (which there is a bit of in season 1). In the most concise way of summing it up, the show is about growing up.

Its about Buffy's struggle with being a normal girl/woman and her responsibilities as a slayer. Its about Willow being the nerdy, unattractive girl. Its about Xander being the nerdy outcast. Its about Giles trying to teach and protect Buffy.

There is something for everyone to relate to. There is romance, humor, and horror. If you make it past a sometimes shaky first season and don't love the show then...well, I'm not sure there is any hope for you.

But if you should take any advice from me its that you should give this show a chance. And ask anyone who has seen it. I'm certain they will tell you the same.