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Its been slow on the politics front aside from the Arizona shooting. Good to hear that Rep. Giffords has survived. Even though I don't think it caused the event, I hope we can use it to change some of the rhetoric we use.

One thing that hasn't changed is Sarah Palin. As if it weren't crystal clear to most people before her little internet speech, it should be a little more clear to a few more people after that masturbatory exercise that she has no business being elected to any political office whatsoever.

Shifting to things that actually matter, I'm interested in seeing the battle over the debt ceiling that should be coming up soon. Even by conservative economists' accounts not raising it would be ridiculous and its a bad policy to have a debt ceiling at all. Dems and Obama should call their bluff and not give them anything. Do like Clinton did and threaten to defend Social Security.

I'm not sure what will come of the vote to repeal the ACA. I guess it will pass the House. If Reid can get vote in the Senate on repealing the entire bill with no amendments he should think about doing it in order to keep it away from Obama and show some Dem backbone. Reps in the House know they won't succeed. So while they are being symbolic Dems should join the symbolism party too.

There has been a little talk on the net about tax reform. I don't think either party has the will to get that done. And I don't think the Reps have the ability to ignore their base in order to do it intelligently.

That's about it for now. Things should pick up on the politics front in the next week or so. Until then the NFL playoffs are on. I can't believe I'm going to be rooting for the Jets. But I'd rather see them win than keep hearing about Tom Brady.

Duke is currently struggling. They are shooting really bad. Florida State is a good defensive team. But aside from Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler Duke just couldn't hit a shot. And unlike last year, our big guys can't get offensive rebounds to make up for a poor shooting night.

They were down at half to Virginia and have just now made a run at the beginning of the second half to get the lead. There is about 11 minutes left. So I'm off to watch the rest.