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The latest TDKR news

It has been confirmed that Tom Hardy has been cast as Bane and Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

I only know Tom Hardy from Inception. So I'll take people's word that he is a good actor. Plus I almost completely trust Christopher Nolan. But while I'm sure Hardy will be fine, its more difficult to envision what Bane will be like.

I think, and hope, we can assume it won't be the Bane of Batman and Robin. That character was as bland as that movie was ridiculous. Based on what I've read about Bane I think Nolan will use the fact that Bane is a smart, strong, and determined person and pretty much ignore the other aspects of the character.

Anne Hathaway should also be good as Selina Kyle, and presumably Catwoman. I think Anne is a very sexy woman, but not just because of physical attributes (not that she isn't pretty). She carries herself in a confident manner. She has a very pretty smile that doesn't seem forced. She just has a quality about her that makes her appealing beyond her physicality.

And I think that will be a good thing for the character. I'm not familiar with the Catwoman of the comics. The only book I've read with her as a character is Hush, in which she is Batman's love interest. But I think Anne's quality that I have attempted to define is something that is important if she is to be Bruce/Batman's love interest in TDKR. Bruce is a good looking billionaire who can probably have any woman he wants. He's also a smart, noble, somewhat disturbed man who would probably have a hard time having a relationship with a "normal" woman.

In short, Batman is unique, thus he will be attracted to someone who is unique. And I think Anne as Selina will fit that billing nicely.

I'll keep this post about the casting news since I'm really excited about this movie and want to discuss it in the future. TDK was on TNT this weekend and it got me thinking about how they will carry over what happened in that movie to the new one. Perhaps I'll delve into that in a later post.