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Why I should replace Keith Olbermann

MSNBC has fired Keith Olbermann, their highest rated pundit. Olby was their liberal version of Bill O'Reilly on FoxNews. They both have that domineering personality that served to deliver their ideology in bold, straight forward manners and to piss off people of the opposing ideology. They really didn't do much except to make people feel better about their own views.

That's fine to a certain extent. And it certainly works for the companies they work for since they are the most popular for their respective networks. But even though I can use some confirmation bias every once in a while I grew tired of Olby. And knowing how uniformed a lot of the country is about even basic things I think its more important to inform people than to simply shout in order to make people feel better.

So I'm offering to do Keith's job for half the price, even less. I actually have the credentials to talk about politics since I got my masters degree in political science. I'm a liberal who can vouch for liberal causes all the while informing and trying to convince people, and I can do so without being an asshole about it. And I'm a good looking 26 year old guy who can bring in a female audience. And since most women are liberals that will be a natural relationship.

The ball is in your court MSNBC. Not only can I bring youthful, credible expertise to your network. I can do it for less the cost. And hopefully I could also provide people with a good source of information that will lead them to being better informed about politics and thus become better democratic citizens.