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Debate on repealing the ACA

From Johnathan Bernstein:

What's in here? $500 billion cut to Medicare for our seniors. What else is in here? $500 billion of tax increases. What else is in here? Six years of benefits for ten years of costs. What else is in here? A new entitlement program. Our nation is broke. It is broke because of our entitlement program, and this law added a new entitlement. (My transcription).

I haven't watched this like Johnathan has. But I assume the GOP is saying these things while keeping a straight face. And for that I applaud them because that's quite the double talk separated by just a few sentences.

Why?, you ask. Well despite GOP logic Medicare didn't all of the sudden cease being an entitlement. Its single payer health care for people over 65. And the GOP has spent the past two years telling us that single payer health care is socialism and it will destroy America.

So they want to repeal the less socialist version of health care that is the ACA (no single payer) because its taking money away from the more socialist version of health care that we give to old people as an entitlement for being old.

Of course the real problem the GOP has with the ACA is the tax increases. Again you might ask, why is that? Well the tax increases are on expensive health insurance plans. Most of the people buying those plans are rich people. And not raising taxes on rich people is the core policy agenda of the GOP.

To recap, the GOP wants to repeal the ACA because it cuts spending on Medicare, which is an entitlement, which is something that is bankrupting America. And because it is increasing taxes on rich people.

Again I want to applaud the GOP for making these arguments with a straight face and for convincing a sizable portion of this country that they should agree with them despite the fact that its in their best economic interests not to. Quite the feat.