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House Reps plan to vote to repeal ACA

This vote is a triple dose of hypocrisy.

Repealing it would mean reversing the cuts to Medicare spending that were in the bill. And Medicare is socialized health care. So in effect Reps would be increasing spending on socialist, big gov't program. The Tea Party would be outraged if they knew their ass from their elbow.

The other thing it would reverse is the individual mandate, which is something Reps proposed in the 90s as an alternative to Clinton's health care proposals. So by calling the individual mandate unconstitutional and repealing it Reps would be acknowledging that their big policy proposal for trying to reform health care over the past 20 years is bullshit. Not to mention that one of their likely presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, singed an individual mandate into law as governor of Massachusetts. Can't wait to hear Palin ask him why he hates freedom in those primary debates.

And the other thing repealing the ACA would do is increase the deficit. Those cuts to Medicare were one of the ways that Dems cut the deficit. So when Reps try to repeal it they will effectively be arguing for a higher deficit, which they claim is a problem and criticize Obama for adding to when they feel its opportunistic.

So there you go. Repealing the ACA means Reps favor socialized medicine, higher deficits, and they hate their own ideas.