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Duke vs Carolina

I was so focused on the game that I almost forgot to blog about it. And if Duke hadn't have turned it around in the second half I probably would have been too angry to post anything. But as it turned out they did a much better job of rebounding and not turning the ball over in the second half.

Not to mentioned that started to make shots. Nolan Smith was consistent the whole game. But Seth Curry really stepped up in the second half and closed the gap. He was absolutely on fire and the coaching staff did a good job of getting him as many shots as they could.

Singler had a tough game but I think he did a good job on Barnes in the second half after he had a good first half. The Plumlees did a good job on Carolina big men in the second half.

Carolina was very strong, quick, and relentless as they built a 14 point lead at half. I think Nolan was right when he told Erin Andrews (as gorgeous as ever) after the game that they showed toughness because that is what they needed to overcome that deficit and stop Carolina from doing what they did in the first half.

One last thing I want to point out are the Crazies. They were the loudest they have been all season tonight. They came up big and showed why they have the reputation they do because they definitely got me fired up.