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The Oscars

I didn't watch because Hollywood does too much in the way of masturbatory exercises. The only other institution that beats them is country music. Those people have a different award show every other month, and for music that sounds exactly the same across the genre and performed by people who look the same.

I also haven't seen many of the movies that are nominated for the big categories. And that's the biggest problem, the elitist attitude of the academy that favors certain kinds of dramatic movies and performances over others. Yeah, Heath Ledger won for The Joker. But the academy throws us a bone every once in a while just to keep people from completely leaving.

One of the movies that was getting a lot of Oscar hype was "Black Swan". I respect the director, Darren Aronovsky. Plus Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman are gorgeous. So I gave it a shot and it was good. Portman certainly deserved to win best actress. I also saw "The Fighter", which was also good. Christian Bale also deserved the award he won tonight. He really convinced me he was a crack addict.

I just wish Christian and the Nolan Batman franchise that he is best known for would get more attention. And the whole production could cut down on the self aggrandizing stuff and let more people like Ricky Gervais poke some fun at them. Maybe when those things happen it will actually matter when something gets nominated and wins. Or it will at least help heal the memory of "Crash".