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Republicans don't care about women and children

There have been quite a few stories lately about what states have been up to as they pass their budgets. Many of the stories have been about Republicans being creative in trying to get rid of abortion. As far as I can tell, most of them don't seem to have a good chance of passing.

But this story about Texas and what they might do with education funding caught my eye, specifically this:

Which brings us to choice two. Besides reducing services to children, Texas is doing as little as possible to help women — especially young women — avoid unwanted pregnancy.

For one thing, it’s extremely tough for teenagers to get contraceptives in Texas. “If you are a kid, even in college, if it’s state-funded you have to have parental consent,” said Susan Tortolero, director of the Prevention Research Center at the University of Texas in Houston.

Plus, the Perry government is a huge fan of the deeply ineffective abstinence-only sex education. Texas gobbles up more federal funds than any other state for the purpose of teaching kids that the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to avoid sex entirely. (Who knew that the health care reform bill included $250 million for abstinence-only sex ed? Thank you, Senator Orrin Hatch!) But the state refused to accept federal money for more expansive, “evidence-based” programs.

“Abstinence works,” said Governor Perry during a televised interview with Evan Smith of The Texas Tribune.

“But we have the third highest teen pregnancy rate among all states in the country,” Smith responded.

“It works,” insisted Perry.

“Can you give me a statistic suggesting it works?” asked Smith.

“I’m just going to tell you from my own personal life. Abstinence works,” said Perry, doggedly.

I'm just going to tell you from my own personal life. Kristin Kreuk and I are madly in love with each other.

...(waiting for Kristin to walk through my door and sweep me off my feet)...Nope. Nothing. Apparently I can't change reality by ignoring the facts and believing what I want to be the facts. But if Perry gets his way he will be able to do that.

Its amazing the level of delusion he is working with. And it stems from an ideology that frankly doesn't care in the slightest about the life of women or the children they bear, that is unless that child is a fetus living inside the woman. But once that kid comes out you can forget about it.

Republicans like Perry get really worked up over abortion and the idea of personal responsibility. Yet they can't even acknowledge the fact that teaching kids about contraception is a good way to curb abortion and give them more efficient tools for which to be personally responsible.

The fact that their ideology prevents them from looking at the facts and implementing something that would curb something a lot of them think is murder tells you something about that ideology. And when someone can win an argument and pass laws based on their own personal feelings that completely contradict the evidence on hand it tells you something about the structure of our gov'ts and the people who elect men like Perry. What it tells us isn't pretty, unlike Kristin Kreuk and our undying love.