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More on Republicans and women

Following up on my last post about Republicans and their views on women, I wanted to highlight the fact that the House has voted to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. They are not hiding the fact that this is about stopping abortion. But the effect of their actions goes beyond that. And the consequences that result from those actions are why I maintain that Republicans don't care about women.

In this instance it shows that they don't care about how their policies affect poor women. Planned Parenthood doesn't just do abortions. They provide contraception, counseling, cancer screenings, testing, and all sorts of things meant to provide health care to women. Even though PP performs abortions, they can't use the money they are provided by the federal gov't on abortions. That's because of the Hyde amendment which was passed in the 70s to prevent federal funding to be used on abortions.

So this isn't technically about stopping abortions. Its about preventing PP from being able to provide all of the other things they do, which in part is about preventing women from becoming pregnant to begin with, something Republicans should support. Reps know that if they squeeze PP to the point that it can't survive then poor women will have no where to go for abortions.

This is just another instance that shows Republican policy makers don't care about the effects their policies have on you if you aren't a rich person or an unborn fetus. To them, an unborn fetus should have rights but a person who wants to join a union or not die from childbirth is shit out of luck. It truly is the party of freedom and liberty.