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Tornadoes and gov't infringement

Tonight in Memphis we had a tornado warning. The local news channels cut in to spend an hour telling us a tornado and sever thunderstorms were possibly coming our way. That was accompanied by tornado warning sirens used by local fire departments.

I live about 10 minutes (walking distance) from the closest fire station. So it was really loud, loud enough to freak out my dogs and get them howling at it. Needless to say it was a very annoying act that violated the privacy of my home without my consent.

Its not the government's responsibility to tell me when I should be concerned about the weather. That's my individual choice, and it shouldn't be made by unelected gov't bureaucrats. And my money shouldn't go to some person who belongs to a public union so he can violate my privacy and then use my money to bargain for a higher salary that increases my state's deficit.

To top things off, one of the shows the local news completely cut into was "Community" starring the incredible Alison Brie. How dare the local gov't allow these news channels to invade the privacy of my home and force me to watch their programming, especially when a national treasure like Alison Brie is supposed to be on my tv.

These infringements on my freedom are unacceptable in a supposedly liberty loving country. But because of unions and overreaching gov't I can't sit down in my own home to a quiet evening with Alison Brie....Seriously, check out "Community" on NBC on Thursdays. She is incredible and the show is really funny.